Download Internet Filtering Proxy Monitors Freeware

BFilter  v.1.1.2

BFilter is a smart filtering HTTP proxy.

Adventnet ManageEngine Desktop Central  v.3.0

Desktop Central is a complete remote Windows desktop/laptop mgmt & admin software. Configurations from simple Drive Mapping to complex software installations are done to secure and standardize the desktops. It also provides Active Directory reports.

Proximodo  v.0.2.5

Proximodo acts as a mediator between the browser and the website. It "sees" everything that is going on and, according to your choices, modifies headers and html page content on-the-fly to make things right. You don't want ads? Just activate filters.

UWatchIt  v.

Product Features * Supported internet cameras - D-Link ( DCS 900 (wired and wireless - only MJPEG) - Genius IPCam Secure IP network Camera (wired and wireless - only MJPEG) - Neu-Fusion (861, 700, 370, 230, 330 - wired and wireless- only MJPEG) -

Simplest FW  v.0.5

Simplest Firewall is a set of scripts that allow a beginner turn ON a rasonable firewall into a linux box to share an ADSL/Cable Internet access:1. Destop to Internet2. LAN to Internet3. LAN to Internet + DMZ4. Internet Appliance

Bayden IEToys  v.1.1.8

IE is a powerful web browsing environment, and with a few simple power-ups, its even better. You can add functionality to IE5, 6, and 7 with these tiny tools that take up almost no disk space, and wont slow down or destabilize IE. Free of charge and

EZDNSWatch From CYBERsitter  v.1.8

EZDNSWatch From CYBERsitter allows your to manage and monitor your DNS setting to prevent them from being hijacked.You can make your configuration by one click.EZDNSWatch From CYBERsitter is easy to use.EZDNSWatch From CYBERsitter support

Paragon HFS  v.7.5

Paragon Software is giving away 50, 000 licenses of this product-gain full access to Mac HFS+ File Systems from Microsoft Windows NTFS!

Quiqly Internet Proxy  v.

Quiqly Internet Proxy is a small and comprehensive utility that allows internet sharing by running a proxy server. A machine connected to the internet acts as a proxy for other machines not directly connected to the Internet. Quiqly Internet Proxy

Internet Access Monitor for MS Proxy Ser  v.3.9

Internet Access Monitor is a comprehensive Internet use monitoring and reporting utility for corporate networks. The program takes advantage of the fact that most corporations provide Internet access through proxy servers, like MS ISA Server,

.::Anonymous Guest - Proxy Checker, SOCKS Manager::.  v.3.00

Anonymous Guest provides a full spectrum of opportunities to work with proxy servers. You can test proxies on serviceability, determine their type and working speed, work with Internet through a chain of SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTPS proxy servers.

EWall SMTP Proxy  v.4.0

eWall is a gateway between the Internet and your mail server. It monitors the SMTP traffic in real-time, catching the majority of spam and viruses. The chain of flexible PHP filters stops more than 95% of unwanted emails out of the box.

AnalogX Proxy  v.4.15

AnalogX Proxy is a small and simple server that allows any other machine on your local network to route its requests through a central machine. To use this software you simply run AnalogX Proxy on the machine with the internet connection, configure

Proxy Firewall  v.

When using Proxy Firewall there is no need for you to configure your Internet programs to use a proxy, just answer Proxy Firewall's questions when asked.

Cheap Computer Monitors  v.1.0

Cheap Computer Monitors toolbar for Internet Explorer. Here you'll find the latest computer monitors at the low prices you can afford. We carry all the major brands from CRT to lcd panels. You can also use our search feature to find the exact model

Used Computer Monitors For Sale  v.1.0

Used Computer Monitors For Sale toolbar for internet explorer. Find used computer monitors for sale at great bargain prices. We carry all the major brands lilke HP, Dell, Samsung, Viewsonic, Sony, Acer, and many more. From CRT, to flat screen along

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